10 Best Fonts Like Bluey On Canva (2024)

Bluey is a font inspired by an Australian children’s TV show called Bluey that first aired in 2018. The font was custom-made by the studio behind the TV show and it has gone on to become a popular font used for design and lettering work.

Bluey font has a playful nature with thick letters that almost resemble inflated balloons floating in the air. It offers a decorative and charming outlook and would fit very well for celebratory themes like birthdays, children’s events, and weddings, among others.

Today we will be looking at some of the best fonts like Bluey that you can use on Canva, including Hello Headline which is the closest thing to Bluey that you can use for your projects.

So let’s dig in and find out how these fonts compare.

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Best Fonts Like Bluey on Canva Worth Checking Out

1. Hello Headline

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Hello Headline’s beginnings can be traced back to 2015, when Veneta Rangelova, a Bulgarian designer, set out on a mission to create a typeface that could strike the perfect balance between elegance and legibility, making it suitable for headlines and displays.

The main source of inspiration for this font comes from a combination of the rich history of Art Nouveau and Art Deco typography. Both are distinguished by a sense of elegance and this can be seen throughout the font.

The Hello Headline font is characterized by tall, elegant letterforms with subtle curves and serifs that are easy to make out even when used in small sizes, just like Bluey. The typeface also has a sense of refinement because of the type’s significant contrast between thick and thin strokes.

Another standout feature is the letter spacing and kerning used for this font which ensure that each character complements the others in a pleasing way. The end result is a font with a classic and opulent vibe that can be used in a variety of creative contexts in multiple projects on Canva.

Common applications of this font include editorial designs, branding and logo creation, advertising campaigns, packaging and labeling, web design, and even wedding invitations.

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2. Magic Sound

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This is another fun-looking font that resembles Bluey in terms of its thick lettering and playful nature, the type you would find on toys and kid programs.

The font was created by the Imagex foundry and it can be used on multiple devices like PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

The first time you look at this font you get the impression that the letters are dancing in the air. This is further enhanced by the elaborate swirls, delicate serifs, and gilded elements it employs, especially for letters like “g” and “y” that have extending tails. This is something creative designers would appreciate very much.

One of the common Magic Sound font uses includes fantasy literature, where it melds very well with long book titles that are typical in most fantasy novels. It can also be used for fantasy movies and TV shows, especially for kid programs as well as creative work on Canva.

The Magic Sound font can also work very well for art, illustrations, logo designs, and event invitation cards.

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3. Bouncy Castle

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The Bouncy Castle font is the creation of Tom Chalky, a well-known typographer and designer known for his creative use of typography and talent for giving fonts personality and vigor.

The font features a series of playful handwritten but modern typefaces that are a little thinner than Bluey. But if you want to have it in a thick format, then you’ll be happy to know that it comes in a set of four lettering styles, including bold for those who love heavy fonts.

Besides its thin design, the vibrant and energetic appearance of the Bouncy Castle typeface is another unique feature that sets it apart from most of the other alternatives on this list. Its letters have the appearance of hopping and swaying as if they were on a trampoline.

The font has rounded corners, oversized curves, and asymmetrical letter heights that give it a whimsical and playful appearance. It’s the perfect choice for Canva projects that want to express a sense of enthusiasm and spontaneity because each letter seems to have a mind of its own.

Bouncy Castle can be used for birthday invitations, children’s books, website headers, and logos.

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4. Comic Papyrus

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If you’re familiar with the Papyrus and Comic Sans fonts, then Comic Papyrus won’t be new to you. While the original versions are known for having several unappealing qualities, Comic Papyrus combines the best of both fonts to give you a good alternative for Bluey.

It was designed by Ben Harman for satirical purposes and it combines the friendly and informal nature of Comic Sans and the handcrafted texture of Papyrus to create a font that can be used for a wide range of formal and informal tasks.

The font looks as though it was hastily scrawled on a piece of parchment due to its crooked lines, asymmetrical curves, and hand-drawn feel. But strangely enough, this uneven look is what gives it that sought-after appeal, especially among people who love unconventional fonts.

Despite its strange appearance, Comic Papyrus has found a way into Canva users’ hearts and it has been extensively used to design comic strips, the covers and titles of children’s books, greeting and invitation cards as well as craft projects.

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5. Funky Chicken

10 Best Fonts Like Bluey On Canva (5)

Funky Chicken is a little rough around the edges, but it still gets the job done when used for different creative works.

The Funky Chicken letterforms are defined by bold and asymmetrical designs that are hard to miss when used in any setting, no matter how small the font may be. The font also possesses a subtle sense of movement, with each letter appearing to dance on the page.

It has a casual, hand-drawn appearance due to the uneven heights and widths of the letters with the serifs and rounded edges of the font adding to its playful appearance.

I got a feeling of the 70’s era when looking at the font and it’s not surprising that it was inspired by elements of that age.

The font is perfect for fun applications like posters, greeting and birthday invitation cards as well as children’s books. It also works for Canva users who love creating retro designs for printouts and web pages.


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6. Happy Monkey

10 Best Fonts Like Bluey On Canva (6)

Happy Monkey is another delightful font with a calming appearance. It’s a little thinner than Bluey and doesn’t have the irregular lettering patterns common with other options on this list. This means it can be used for professional designs.

Designed by Brenda Gallo, a talented typographer from Argentina, the font draws its inspiration from the quirky doodling type of writing and when you look at it, you get a feeling of spontaneity and childlike innocence.

The friendly, rounded letters of the typeface have a slightly handmade aspect, which makes them stand out more. The smooth curves also give the font an approachable nature, making it ideal for a variety of imaginative and humorous design projects.

The Happy Monkey font comes in different weights which allows users to tinker with them as much as they need to suit their needs.

Common applications of this font include event invitation cards, children’s books and materials, website headings, and any type of branding that wants to tap into playfulness, which is very common with most Canva projects.

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7. Sukar

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Sukar comes in 9 different weights, from thin to extra bold, with the bold versions making it very similar to Bluey. A brainchild of Ghiath Alsory, the font combines both a professional and casual typeface that makes it versatile for any type of application.

The Sukar font draws its inspiration from traditional Arabic letterforms and contemporary design aesthetics.

Even the name itself means sugar in Arabic and it has a charm that comes from the delicate balance it strikes between maintaining the essential characteristics of Arabic letters and introducing a modern, adaptable appearance.

The font’s characters are painstakingly designed, mixing fluid and geometric shapes to provide a polished image. But what I like the most about the font is how it adds an artistic touch to the extended parts of some letters.

Common applications of this font include branding and logos, editorial design, signage, wayfinding, packaging design, and other digital uses like web design. It would be safe to say that Sukar has more professional uses than other alternatives on this list and is very popular on Canva.

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8. Radley

10 Best Fonts Like Bluey On Canva (8)

Radley was created by Vernon Adams, an English-born typographer who has been active for decades. Radley pays close attention to aesthetics and it comes with different weight classes which expand the number of ways the font can be used.

Delicate serifs and beautiful letterforms are some of Radley’s distinctive features and one of the many reasons for appearing on this list. It strikes a mix between traditional elegance and modern sophistication, something that’s very hard to pull off.

The comfortable reading and balanced contrast between thick and thin strokes make the font ideal for both print and digital applications. It’s not uncommon to even find the font used in the body text of major works.

Furthermore, Radley has an unusual italic variation with a calligraphic appearance. It has flowing, open curves that give the text a feeling of movement and elegance. This is the kind of design that would work well for graphic design tasks on Canva like logos and branding.

Other ways through which the font can be used include editorial designs for books, magazines, and online publications. But most importantly, unlike Bluey, Radley leans more on the formal side of things.

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9. Ovo

10 Best Fonts Like Bluey On Canva (9)

Not to be confused with Drake’s Ovo label, the Ovo font is inspired by a lettered caps design that was very popular in the 1930s where the capital forms are made excessively huge. Ovo is a good Bluey substitute despite being thinner and more symmetrical.

In terms of appearance, Ovo makes use of regular letters in both upper and lowercase, and also incorporates numerals, punctuation, and special characters. It features smooth and rounded corners that are very pleasing to look at and perfect for playful designs.

The font’s characters are also proportionate, making it readable at a range of sizes, even when used for body-texts.

Ovo is suitable for a range of design applications due to its adaptability, which works for branding and logo design. The readability and elegant appearance of Ovo also qualify it as a good choice for editorial design, where one can improve the overall visual impact of periodicals, books, and other publications.

Designers on Canva will also appreciate the simplicity of the Ovo font as it can be used for both formal and informal tasks. It’s also a popular option for wedding invitations because it gives the design a sense of class.

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10. Rugrats Sans

10 Best Fonts Like Bluey On Canva (10)

Wrapping up our list of the best fonts like Bluey on Canva is Rugrats Sans which was inspired by one of the most popular cartoons of the early 90s, The Rugrats. People who grew up in this era will recognize it right away.

Designed by Jayde Garrow, the font comes in many styles that combine numbers, letters, symbols, special characters, and glyphs that can be used for many things.

The letterforms of the font are rounded and slightly asymmetrical, similar to a child’s handwriting. It has a lighthearted, whimsical quality that perfectly complements the misadventures of the Rugrats clan.

There are some small differences in thickness and style throughout and this gives the charmingly flawed characters a homemade appearance.

The Rugrats Sans font was developed with the intention of evoking the innocence and curiosity of young children and it achieves that flawlessly. Because of this, the font effectively conveys youth, imagination, and limitless wonder, perfect for child-themed projects.

And speaking of projects, this font can be used for retro-themed projects, children’s products like clothes, as well as children’s books. It may also work for web designs if the content involved centers around kids.

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Those are the best Bluey font alternatives on Canva that you can use for a variety of projects. They all feature playful elements that are perfect for fun-themed applications.

Hello Headline is the closest option to Bluey and it features a similar appearance and use. On the other hand, Ovo, Happy Monkey, and Radley are ideal for professional creations. But ultimately, it all comes down to the project you have at hand.

So make your choice and start creating magic on Canva.

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