Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden Opens Up About 'Fun' Visit with Kate Middleton and Prince William (2024)

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden is giving a glimmer into what it was like to spend time withPrince William and Kate Middleton.

The future queen of Sweden, 46, had sweet things to say about the Prince and Princess of Wales in a new interview with a local newspaper. Crown Princess Victoria and her husband, Prince Daniel, visited the U.K. last week for a three-day stay, and Victoria told Aftonbladet that they enjoyed being with William and Kate.

"It's always fun. We share a lot and it feels very natural and easy to meet,” Victoria told Aftonbladet, according to Hello! magazine.

"They are nice people who do a lot for their country. We exchange thoughts and ideas and share many interests,” she added.

Kate Middleton and Prince William Ignore Reporters' Questions on Royal Book Scandal on Red Carpet

Prince William and Crown Princess Victoria are both heirs to their respective thrones, creating a unique opportunity for a special friendship between the two couples, who also have children around the same age. Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel, 50, are parents to Princess Estelle, 11, and Prince Oscar, 7, while the Prince and Princess of Wales share Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, 8, and Prince Louis, 5.

The Swedish royals kicked off their visit last Wednesday in a quintessentially British way — a pint in a pub! — and toured the STANTA training camp in eastern England. There, Swedish military personnel are delivering training to Ukrainian soldiers as part of the U.K.-led Operation Interflex amid the Russian invasion.

The following day, William and Kate welcomed Victoria and Daniel to Windsor Castle, where William and Victoria warmly greeted one another. The Prince of Wales and Swedish princess are distant cousins as descendants of Queen Victoria, whom Crown Princess Victoria is named after, according to Tatler. The meeting was a royal reunion for the foursome, as the Swedish royals were guests at Prince William and Princess Kate's wedding in 2011, and Victoria and Daniel showed their British pals around their home country during a tour in 2018.

Both couples recapped the Windsor welcome in a modern way — on Instagram!

Royal Double Date! Kate Middleton and Prince William Take Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel to a Show

“A pleasure to welcome The Crown Princess of Sweden and Prince Daniel to Windsor this morning 🇸🇪,” the Prince and Princess of Wales’ team posted on Instagram, in a joint post that was simultaneously shared to the Swedish Royal Court account.

That evening, the two couples had a glam double date at the Royal Variety Performance in London. Members of the British royal family have long supported the Royal Variety Show, which benefits the Royal Variety Charity. Funds raised benefit entertainers across the U.K. who need help and assistance in old age, poor health or hard times.

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden Opens Up About 'Fun' Visit with Kate Middleton and Prince William (2)

The night out marked Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel’s first time at the Royal Variety Performance, which Prince William and Princess Kate last attended in 2021. Two years ago, comedian Alan Carr told Prince William he was "not hitting on his wife" after complimenting Kate from the stage.

The royal couples sat near each other at the show on Thursday, which was headlined by Cher. The evening of entertainment also featured Swedish pop star Zara Larsson, an exclusive 100th-anniversary celebration from Disney Theatrical, British singer Paloma Faith, Chinese pianist Lang Lang, Ted Lasso star Hannah Waddingham (who hosted Prince William’s 2023 Earthshot Prize Awards Ceremony in Singapore on Nov. 7) and much more.

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Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden Opens Up About 'Fun' Visit with Kate Middleton and Prince William (3)

The Royal Variety Performance began on an awkward note when reporters shouted questions at Prince William and Princess Kate as they exited their car surrounding the publication of Omid Scobie's new book Endgame. The Dutch translation of the book is being temporarily pulled from store shelves as it reportedly names the members of the family involved in a conversation that included a controversial comment about the skin color of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's child before he was born.

As seen in a video captured by PEOPLE's Simon Perry at the event, reporters yelled, "Your Royal Highness, have you got a comment about Omid Scobie's book?" and "Did you watch the Piers Morgan show last night, Your Royal Highnesses?," referencing the latest episode of Piers Morgan Uncensored, where the subject was discussed.

Prince William and Princess Kate didn't answer or acknowledge the questions, walking towards each other and briefly holding hands before William put a hand on his wife's back and they walked down the red carpet.

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden Opens Up About 'Fun' Visit with Kate Middleton and Prince William (2024)
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