Navigating the Depths of the Undefined Heart Center in Human Design (2024)

What it truly means & feels like to have an undefined heart center... PLUS my personal experience & contemplation as a human with an undefined heart center.

Navigating the Depths of the Undefined Heart Center in Human Design (1)

Quick overview for those who are new to Human Design

Human Design is a fascinating system that combines elements of astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah, and the Hindu-Brahmin chakra system to provide insights into an individual's unique energetic blueprint.

One of the most intriguing components of Human Design is the concept of centers, each representing different aspects of our being. In this article, we'll delve into the enigmatic Undefined Heart Center, exploring its significance, challenges, and strategies for navigating its energy.

Understanding Human Design Centers

Before we delve into the Undefined Heart Center, let's briefly review the basic concept of Human Design centers. There are nine centers in total, each associated with different aspects of our lives, such as communication, emotions, and intuition. These centers can be either defined, undefined, or open in an individual's chart.

A defined center in Human Design is one that consistently operates with a consistent and reliable flow of energy. So if someone has a defined heart center (also called will center or ego center), they have a consistent energy around their own self worth as well as consistent energy around having the motivation or will power to take action on certain tasks, etc.

On the other hand, an open or undefined center is one that lacks a consistent source of energy and is therefore more susceptible to taking in and amplifying the energy of others around us.

The Undefined Heart Center holds a unique place in the Human Design system.

Misconceptions About the Heart Center

Many people seem to believe that if you have a defined heart center that you automatically have high self-esteem. And if you are open or undefined, you don't, which is not the case.

No matter what center you have, there's always room for conditioning. There's a high expression and a low expression for everyone. The difference is, is that defined heart centers feel more consistently, and their motivation levels are more consistent. The undefined hearts can walk into a room and instantly feel a shift in their motivation or feelings or self worth... we fluctuate based on the auras we are taking around us.

And what can make the heart center so challenging is that we live in a society where we are told consciously and subconsciously that we are not good enough so much that this takes a toll on our defined heart centers too!

The Undefined Heart Center: Key Characteristics

The Heart Center, located in the middle of the chest, is associated with willpower, ego, and self-esteem.

When it is defined in a person's chart, it signifies consistent and unwavering willpower.

However, when it is undefined, as it is in this case, its energy can be mutable and adaptable, taking on the characteristics of the people around us.

I will discuss the challenges and the beauty of the undefined heart, but my ultimate goal is to have you fall in love with your undefined heart center because open and undefined centers are portals to your deepest awakening and wisdom to share with others!

The Challenges of an Undefined Heart:

  1. Openness to Influence: Individuals with an undefined Heart Center often find themselves particularly attuned to the emotions and willpower of others. This sensitivity can make them gifted empathizers, able to understand and connect deeply with others' motivations and desires.

  2. Challenges in Decision-Making: Willpower and decision-making might pose challenges for those with an undefined Heart Center. They may struggle to assert their own desires and instead prioritize the needs and wants of others, leading to internal conflict and dissatisfaction.

  3. Trying to Prove Worth: We might take action not based on what lights us up but what we think will help us increase our worth (what this is is different for everyone, but typically I see worth tied to achievement).

  4. Overpromising: Again, because we are trying to prove ourselves, but when our heart center energy depletes, there's little motivation to get it completed on time.

  5. Can Feel Unworthy: Of love, money, happiness, which can lead to compromising your true desires of what you want your relationships to look like and how much you charge for services if you are an entrepreneur.

The Beauty of an Undefined Heart:

  1. Empathetic & Intuitive: Our sensitivity makes us gifted empathizers, able to understand and connect deeply with others' sense of self-worth/self esteem, motivations, and desires.

  2. Wisdom Keepers: Because we can feel the entire spectrum of worthiness by tapping into ourself and others, we are here to fully understand all the angles of worth and what's valuable in life.

  3. Have an Innate Sense: Of who can deliver on their promises, and who is overpromising.

  4. Teachers of Self Worth: Once you can master your own self-worth, you can become a brilliant leader and activator for others to find their own sense of self worth.

  5. Great Filtering System: If you're one who finds it hard to follow through on certain commitments, that's okay! It just means that those things were not meant for us and to not waste our time.

Navigating the Undefined Heart Center

Having an undefined Heart Center is a beautiful aspect to have (I get even more into this in the contemplation around how I experience having an undefined heart), but it can present challenges.

Here are a few strategies that can help you navigate its energy more effectively:

  1. Clear Your Energy: After every connection, make sure you create a chord cutting practice to clear out other peoples' energies from you and reclaim your energy back!

  2. Embrace Your Intuitiveness: You are taking in other peoples heart/will power energies. This makes you very wise as to what the other people is feeling about themselves in regards to their current will power and self worth.

  3. Create Energy Protection: If you are going to be around a lot of other people cleanse and create protection around your aura and energy to help you not take on other peoples' energies around self worth.

  4. Respect Your Will Power: As much as you can, follow your motivation. If you have ZERO for the day, honor that and don't push through it.

  5. Awareness and Self-Reflection: The first step is recognizing the influence of external energies on your decisions and sense of self. Regular self-reflection can help you differentiate between your genuine desires and those you've adopted from others.

  6. Boundaries: Setting healthy boundaries is crucial for those with an undefined Heart Center. Learning when to say "no" and prioritize your own needs can create a stronger sense of self and enhance your decision-making.

  7. Embrace Your Empathy: Rather than seeing your sensitivity to others' energy as a weakness, view it as a unique gift. Your ability to connect deeply with others can foster strong relationships and provide valuable insights.

  8. REMIND YOURSELF DAILY THAT YOU HAVE NOTHING TO PROVE! Us as human beings are inherently worthy, have always been and always will be.

My Personal Experience With an Undefined Heart Center

I am a 3/5 Emotional Manifesting Generator, and my ONLY undefined center is the heart center... So I know this center and feel it DEEPLY!!

What my undefined heart center feels like

How it feels around others' self-worth.

As I said, I FEEL everything through my heart... and it's very visceral, especially around the theme of self worth and self esteem. I physically feel big drops in my heart area when there's a lower-vibe expression I'm taking in.

On the other hand, it feels really comfy and cozy in my heart space if i'm taking in the higher expression of self-worth and self-esteem. It's almost as I feel really grounded, centered, and calm just being.

Because this is my only open center, I feel this very deeply, but for you it might be more subtle. Start to get really curious and hyper-aware and you will start to feel your own signature sign-posts.

The picture can best be painted by two examples.

Feeling My Son's Sadness - Story #1

One time our son came bounding into our bed way too early and my husband become very cross and raised his voice at our son. I can't remember the words spoken... it wasn't anything mean or bad but our son was just really happy to be up and wanted to hang, while my husband was incredibly annoyed and it came through strongly in his tone.

After the words came out of my husbands mouth. I IMMEDIATELY felt a drop in my heart and could feel a sense of sadness. I knew something was off so I went out into the living room and found my son crying on the couch.

I can feel anyone's sadness or any feelings that deal with self-worth while I don't feel the same physical sensations from anything else such as anger, fear, stress, etc.

Feeling a Stranger's Low Self-Esteem - Story #2

Another time I was at a women's networking event that was three days long. I felt incredibly expanded all day long and was flying high at this event. But then I went to dinner with my new friends from the event one night and at one point the woman who was running the event walked in and came to chat with our table.

Out of NOWHERE, I felt the drop in my heart again and felt the feelings of unworthiness.

At this point, I had been doing the work and was aware of my undefined heart center so instinctively knew it wasn't mine. I did the work I needed to release it, and guess what happened?

Next day, the woman who sat right next to me stood up in front of the room and declared that she felt like she wasn't as good as everyone else or felt unworthy because of her salary level compared to everyone else... talk about a confirmation. That was actually the exact moment I really understood the power of my undefined heart center.

By the way - I am VERY sensitive to all business- and networking-related events and have had to be very choosy when it comes to what I attend because sadly enough there are a lot of entrepreneurs, especially females, who feel like they need to compete, like they are imposters, or just don't feel worthy... and I pick up on it all!

How the Undefined Heart feels around others' ability to follow through.

This for me is more subtle. I don't physically feel their overpromising in my body. I get an intuitive hit... basically a BS meter that goes off when something isn't totally aligned.

I have my spleen defined so I am prone to intuitive hits... depending on what centers you have defined or open, you might receive this in another way - we would have to look at your entire chart to get specific so if this is something you're interested in, make sure to book a human design reading with me!

But I feel this when friends make plans with me, people have inflated egos, vendors overpromise, and other scenarios like that.

Other Struggles I've Overcome & Now Help Others With Because of My Undefined Heart.

I'll get deeper into this in another post due to the lengthiness already, but this is what I've experienced and have seen other undefined and open heart-centered humans face:

  1. Undervaluing my work - Delivering WAY more than is necessary (proving my worth) and not charging enough because of a fear of judgment of rejection (feeling low self worth)

  2. Comparison game - Comparing my success to other peoples' success (measuring my worth on external factors)

  3. Overly competitive with others - Feeling the need to be #1 (measuring my worth on external factors)

  4. Hard on myself - Not being good enough or finding success fast enough

  5. Feeling Lazy and unmotivated - Not trusting in divine timing & tying achieving to my value and worth.

If you've faced ANYTHING I've mentioned in this article, I don't want you to feel discourage or that having an open or undefined heart center is bad... IT'S NOT!!

These are our karmic lessons that we've signed up to learn and become masters at in our lifetime... and as we learn how to navigate our heart center, we get to be the wise leaders who guide our families, friends and communities how to do the same!

Parting Thoughts

The Undefined Heart Center in Human Design is a unique and intricate aspect of our energetic makeup. While it can present challenges even more-so it also offers a pathway to profound empathy, adaptability, and deep connections with others.

Navigating this center involves cultivating self-awareness, setting boundaries, and embracing your empathetic nature. By practicing discernment and honoring your authentic desires, you can harness the potential of your undefined Heart Center and create a life that aligns with your true self.

Remember, your energy is your own, even in the midst of a world filled with external influences.

If you are wanting to dive deeper into any part of your own Human Design chart, make sure to learn more on my website or directly book a session with me.

In our Human Design sessions, I don't just regurgitate facts to you, I dive deeply into what it all means for you personally (nuances and all), and how to practically apply your chart to your life for a profound awakening experience.

Navigating the Depths of the Undefined Heart Center in Human Design (2024)
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