Vaniljkakor (Swedish Vanilla Cookies) Recipe - (2024)


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"This is one of my favorite cookies. It's from my Swedish Grandma. They are very simple, but I think that's what I like about them. Very tender and rich."


Vaniljkakor (Swedish Vanilla Cookies) Recipe - (2) Vaniljkakor (Swedish Vanilla Cookies) Recipe - (3)

photo by Leahs Kitchen Vaniljkakor (Swedish Vanilla Cookies) Recipe - (4)

Vaniljkakor (Swedish Vanilla Cookies) Recipe - (5) Vaniljkakor (Swedish Vanilla Cookies) Recipe - (6)

Vaniljkakor (Swedish Vanilla Cookies) Recipe - (7) Vaniljkakor (Swedish Vanilla Cookies) Recipe - (8)

Vaniljkakor (Swedish Vanilla Cookies) Recipe - (9) Vaniljkakor (Swedish Vanilla Cookies) Recipe - (10)

Vaniljkakor (Swedish Vanilla Cookies) Recipe - (11) Vaniljkakor (Swedish Vanilla Cookies) Recipe - (12)

Ready In:


2 1/2 dozen



  • 1 cup unsalted butter, softened
  • 23 cup powdered sugar
  • 1 large egg yolk
  • 1 tablespoon good vanilla
  • 2 14 cups sifted flour
  • 13 cup raspberry jam (or assorted jams and jellies)
  • powdered sugar



  • Cream butter and sugar well.
  • Gradually add sugar, and cream until light and fluffy.
  • Beat in egg yolk, vanilla and flour, blend thoroughly.
  • Roll into walnut-sized balls and place on greased cookie sheet.
  • Make a nice indentation in top of each cookie, I use the end (the handle end)of a wooden spoon for this.
  • Put a little bit of jelly or jam into each indentation.
  • Bake in 350º oven for at least 15 minutes or til pale golden yellow.
  • Cool, then sift powdered sugar over them.
  • *Tips for measuring four!
  • When recipes say "flour, sifted", it means to measure the flour into a sifter, then sift into the rest of the ingredients.
  • When a recipe says "sifted flour", that means that you sift flour into a separate bowl first, then measure it, then add to the rest of the ingredients. In this recipe, if you don't sift the flour first, you will be adding too much, and your dough will be a little dry and hard to work with.
  • Also, lightly spoon your flour into your measuring cup, don't scoop it from the bag or your bowl. Scooping it compacts the flour and you will be adding too much whether it has been sifted first or not. (Then always level it off with the straight edge of a knife.).
  • Some recipes are "forgiving", but baking recipes aren't always that forgiving! Correct measuring can be extremely important.
  • Hope this helps! :).

Questions & Replies

Vaniljkakor (Swedish Vanilla Cookies) Recipe - (13)



  1. A wonderful treat! They were so simple to make but look and are delicious! I found it easy to just pipe the raspberry jam into the indentation with a little plastic bag. They would be great to serve for company with different jams in them! I like them also because they weren't very sweet, they took more of the sweetness from the jam itself than the cookie. Thank you Wildflour for posting your Grandma's recipe!

    Leahs Kitchen

  2. Yummy yummy, if you love cookies that aren’t packed with sugar you’ll love these!

    • Vaniljkakor (Swedish Vanilla Cookies) Recipe - (17)

    River Q.

  3. I was looking for a similar recipe to what my Scandinavian grandmother used to use. This is it, although the first two steps of the recipe are redundant. I halved the vanilla measurement and substituted the more potent Mexican Vanilla for regular. Also substituted the traditional raspberry jelly with cherry preserves (personal preference)- but no additional alterations. These were light, buttery, soft, and vanilla-packed with a perfect tartness from the cherry preserves. I'm planning on renovating the recipe for summer by substituting a nice strawberry/ strawberry-rhubarb jelly or orange marmalade with some light chocolate drizzle on top. Definitely a re-discovered family favorite!

  4. These cookies are perfect!My grandma used to make cookies like these too.Nothing feeds a cooks soul like finding recipes from your childhood and making them for your family.I followed the recipe exactly and used Leah's great tip on piping the jam into the cookies.I'm so glad I found this recipe, I will definitely be making lots at christmas.Beautiful cookies!Thanks for posting wildflour:)

    delish 2

  5. Perfect, simple, delicious cookies. Daughter works at IKEA, and brought me Lingonberry jam and the highly prized Cloudberry jam! How could I not use the Swedish jams in your vaniljkakor recipe?! I sent 3 dozen with daughter to work. Huge props even from her Swedish bosses.


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  1. I used an substitute of margarine for butter and gluten free flour (Orgran) to substitute the flour therefore my comments are based on the changes I have made. I used the same amounts as called for in the recipe. The gluten free must require an extra egg or perhaps more margarine as it was a bit dry and crumbly. The next day they were starting to fall apart and after a couple of days they had to be thrown out. I am going to try with less sugar next time only because I think I'd be able to get away with it with the jam on the top. Great easy recipe. I will definately make them again with the gluten free flour and try a little more marg with them. I'll post again if it turns out good!


  2. I made these yesterday for a dinner my mom is having they are a wonderful cookie so simple. I think the key to them turning out right is to let your butter completely soften. I left mine on the counter for 3 hours in a bowl and then creamed it by itself. Then I added the powdered sugar and creamed it again. With the flour I measured it (2 1/4 cups), sifted it and then measured to get 2 1/4 cups again. I only used the 2 1/4 cups sifted, after sifting it you will have more than that. I think the other key is using a pure high quality vanilla. I make my own but if I did not I would definitely purchase a pure vanilla of good quality it will make a difference with all your cookies not just this one. A very simple cookie with an outstanding taste and a wonderful texture. My dough was moist and a little sticky but easy to work with, not dry or crumbly as others stated. I used a small cookie scoop to scoop it out and then just rounded it with my hands a little. Light, airy, melt in your mouth texture. To get your jam in the indents easier and cleaner, put the jam in a ziploc bag, snip off a small corner and pipe it into the indents. I will be using these for Christmas cookie trays for years to come, thank you for sharing an easy and wonderful cookie. I originally thought I would use almond extract in place of the vanilla and I'm so glad I did not. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe.




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Vaniljkakor (Swedish Vanilla Cookies) Recipe  - (2024)


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What type of cookie is the most popular in Sweden? Pepparkakor. It's only eaten in december but then in larger quantity than all other cookies the rest of the year.

What does flour do in cookies? ›

Flour is a stabilizer and thickener and controls how much the cookie rises. It holds the cookie together, providing it with its structure. If you use too little flour your cookie won't keep its shape but if you use too much you'll end up with a thick tasteless cookie.

What is the number one selling cookie in the world? ›

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The chocolate chip cookie is far and away America's favorite cookie This should come as no surprise to anyone who enjoys the tasty treat. More than 53% of American adults prefer the cookies over the next most popular kind, peanut butter.

What happens if you put 2 eggs instead of 1 in cookies? ›

Eggs are used in recipes for a variety of reasons, including as a binder, to add moisture, to add structure, and to provide leavening. In some cases, using two eggs instead of one may alter the texture or flavor of the final product.

Should you beat eggs before adding to cookies? ›

The main reason TO beat an egg before adding it is that the mixture to which you are adding is not going to be sufficiently mixed afterwards to hom*ogenize the egg. That is, if you are adding the egg and then just "stirring gently", that's not going to be enough to beat the egg.

What happens if you don't put eggs in cookies? ›

What happens if you don't put eggs in cookies? If you take a standard sugar cookie recipe and simply remove the eggs, you'll basically end up with shortbread cookies: dry, dense, and crumbly.

What does baking soda do to gray hair? ›

Key Takeaways. Baking soda can lighten gray hair as well as prevent white hair discoloration and remove impurities but should be used cautiously due to the potential for dryness and fragility in gray hair.

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Baking soda is typically used for chewy cookies, while baking powder is generally used for light and airy cookies. Since baking powder is comprised of a number of ingredients (baking soda, cream of tartar, cornstarch, etc.), using it instead of pure baking soda will affect the taste of your cookies.

What happens if I use baking powder instead of baking soda in cookies? ›

Baking powder: Baking powder can be used to replace baking soda, though not at a 1-to-1 ratio. Because the former is not as strong as the latter, it's important to use three times the amount of baking powder as baking soda. Be aware, a slightly bitter, off-putting taste might result from using that much baking powder.

Is too much flour bad for cookies? ›

If your cookies come out looking more like biscuits, you've likely added too much flour. Our cookies didn't expand much from the rolled-up balls we put on the baking sheet. They also didn't brown as well as the other cookies. It doesn't take much—in this case, my mom and I added just 3/4 cup extra flour to the dough.

Can too much flour cause a cookie to be too? ›

In excess amounts, it sucks up the moisture from other ingredients like milk, eggs, and butter, leaving you with a drier, fluffier cookie whose texture feels almost bread-like. And if you've ever ended up with cookies that look like hard scoops of brown ice cream, you know the problem all too well.

Does sifting flour make a difference in cookies? ›

Sifting doesn't make much difference in the quality of the cookies. Whisking your dry ingredients together is all you really need. Sifting will make a difference in delicate things like macarons and cakes where the primary leavening is egg whites. But most cookies don't need it.

What is a popular dessert in Sweden? ›

The Princess cake is one of the most popular cakes in Sweden. It's made out of cake layers, whipped cream, vanilla cream and green marzipan with icing sugar on top.

What sweets do they eat in Sweden? ›

Swedish desserts
PrinsesstartaTraditional sponge cake filled with jam and cream, covered with marzipan
Punsch-rollChocolate biscuit covered in green marzipan
RulltårtaSponge cake rolled into a log and filled with cream, chocolate, or jam
SemlaSweet roll filled with cream and almond paste
20 more rows

What sweets to buy in Sweden? ›

Swedish Candy Brands: A Tradition of Taste and Innovation
  • Raspberry Liquorice Skull by Bubs. ...
  • Malaco Gott & Blandat by Cloetta. ...
  • Sour Blueberry Organic Candy by JOM. ...
  • Ahlgrens Bilar by Cloetta. ...
  • Cream Toffee by Kolafabriken. ...
  • Pick and Mix by Candypeople. ...
  • Dark Chocolate & Lingonberry by Malmö Chokladfabrik.

What is the famous Swedish chocolate? ›

Marabou!". Marabou chocolate is widely available in Sweden in assorted varieties. Freia and Marabou later merged, and, in 1993, were purchased by Kraft Foods for 3 billion Norwegian kroner.

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